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The Femboss podcast is to bring to the forefront the power in collaboration, action, and authenticity.  Collaboration on many forms is a key to success for many women taking the dive into business ownership and not only that; it’s Powerful!  The team you build and surround yourself help propel you and your business.  Taking action is an absolute necessity because goals without action are just dreams.  We want to empower women to replace that wishbone with a backbone and take their rightful place in the business world.  And finally authenticity!  Woman!  We are so uniquely created with individual gifts why on earth do we need to compete.  Be you and let the world embrace all that you have to offer.

- Elisha Valentine Femargent Co-Founder

Mar 28, 2018

Elisha Valentine speaks with Stephanie Liu, founder of Lights, Camera, Live! Stephanie is popular for her powerful Facebook lives and stage presence speaking at multiple conferences helping entrepreneurs grab their spotlight with strategic video marketing. To learn more about Stephanie, visit here